Some stock designs are available but if you have a particular design in mind, such as the deceased’s favourite flower or pet, or their profession or hobby, please chat to Steve about the possibility of having this incised onto the memorial.

Factors to consider:

The size and shape of the memorial will affect the size of the design. 

Designs can be


Advantages:  classic appearance, low or no maintenance, cheaper than painting or gilding
Disadvantages:  is difficult to see if the stone is damp

Incised and painted

Advantages:  easily visible, choice of colours, not as expensive as gilding
Disadvantages:  may require re-painting in under 10 years

Incised and gilded

i.e. size (glue) applied and 23.5 kt gold brushed on
Advantages:  very easily visible, should not require re-gilding for at least 10 years
Disadvantages:  more expensive than incised-only or incised and painted

Please see the printable sheets below for ideas for designs, and photographs of work carried out.

All characteristics of the memorial and foundation are subject to the cemetery and churchyard regulations in place at the time of applying for permission. These regulations are subject to changes and disputes. Click here for more details.

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