Memorial Additions

We sell various sizes and colours of granite and glass grave surface chippings, grave ornaments, granite flower vases and aluminium flower containers. 

These can either be collected from our workshop or placed on the grave by us. 

Please phone in advance to check prices and availability.


These are sold in various colours in 25 kg bags each, a single grave would be covered by approximately 3 bags.


These are cored to accommodate an aluminium flower container, and come in most granite colours, standard sizes are
6” x 6” x 6”, 7” x 7” x 7” and 8” x 8” x 8”.


These are used in granite vases and in grave bases.  Standard sizes are 4”, 6” and 8” high.
If you are replacing an old vase, we recommend bringing it in, so that we can try to match sizes.  Irregular sizes can usually be ordered.


A good quality photo is required.  There is a large selection of sizes and shapes available.  We recommend having a ceramic of 
8 cm x 10 cm or bigger, for clarity and that you choose a framed option, so that the frame can be dowelled as well as glued to the memorial or vase. 
Photo ceramics can be fixed when the memorial is already erected.

All characteristics of the memorial and foundation are subject to the cemetery and churchyard regulations in place at the time of applying for permission and these regulations are subject to change.  The Next Step