Cremation Memorials

There are usually two options for cremation memorials on the Isle of Man.  Some cemeteries have areas designated for small headstones and others have walled or kerbed areas, to which cremation plaques are fixed.

A cremation memorial usually consists of a granite headstone, stainless steel dowelled and glued to a granite base, then this is concreted on to the foundation.  Some churchyards have a row of foundations already concreted,  If not, we will quote you for this foundation.  A hole may be cored out of the base, to fit an aluminium flower container, or granite flower vase may be attached.

Cremated remains can also be added to existing burial plots and the inscription of the deceased added to the existing memorial or, in the case of a kerbed plot, a plaque or vase can be placed on the grave surface.

A few examples of shapes, colours, combinations of sizes and types of inscription are shown in the photographs. 

All characteristics of the memorial and foundation are subject to the cemetery and churchyard regulations in place at the time of applying for permission and these regulations are subject to change. The Next Step


Cremation Memorials

Cremation Plaques and Desks